Less Friction.

The 3-6-5 experiment is fully under way and as the man in the relationship, I must admit that I could not be any happier. Everyday sex is the dream that all of us guys had when we were in our prepubescent years….and if we’re honest, its one that lives on far into our adult lives.  So sex happens now on a daily basis.  It may not be the “Friday night dance party” sex that you may be thinking of, but it happens and it brings us closer.

Just a few days into this, there is already a drastic change in our tone when we are communicating with each other.  I guess it is hard to push things too much when you know that you have to have sex with the one that you are fighting with later.  But then again, I am learning the benefits of “make-up sex” on a whole new level.

Kidding aside, I think that there is a genuine compassion that we are showing that has always been there but perhaps could have used some help in coming to the surface.  All of a sudden, restraint becomes much more doable.  I will let my wife fill in some of the gaps here later from the women’s perspective, but for me I can honestly say I am putting more effort into caring for her and her needs. Its not that I didn’t care before, only that now I care to care…I guess.  The funny thing is that the compassion isn’t there because I know the sex is coming, it is there because the sex has already happened.  In other words, sex makes me appreciate my wife even more and because of it, I want to do more for her.

Here is the bottom line.  Sex makes me appreciate my wife and it makes me want to “serve” her more.


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